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FAQs: Nail Stickers

Are nail stickers bad for your nails?

In terms of long-term nail damage, using nail stickers is no different from using regular polish. The only potential problem with nail stickers is when they are removed. Nail sticker adhesive remover can be very drying to your nails and cause brittleness in some people. In general, you should definitely use a good-quality moisturizer after removing nail stickers.

If you're concerned about the chemicals used in the process of preparing the vinyl for the stickers (the pattern has to be burned into the vinyl), then just skip that and buy regular polishes and use them instead of the stickers.

Is it bad to use nail hardeners with nail stickers on top?

Nail hardeners usually behave a lot like a thick basecoat. If applied under the stickers, they could cause them to peel off excessively easily. If you have weak nails and use nail stickers often, it may be better to skip the nail hardener altogether.

What are those nail stickers called?

There are a lot of different kinds, but basically they're all just stickers made out of vinyl. The designs have been printed onto the vinyl and then cut into the shapes you see on your nails. Nail sticker adhesive remover is used to dissolve the glue that holds them down onto your nails. It is also called Nail Wraps, Nail Decals or Stickers, Nail Tattoos or Stencils.

Can you use nail stickers on bare nails?

Yes, but it's much better to apply them onto a base coat. If not, the stickers might lift up at the edges and end up peeling off easily. You can also apply them over top of any defects in your natural nail bed to cover them up.

How are these things put on?

Nail sticker adhesive remover is applied directly to your nails before you stick down the stickers, so that they will adhere properly. Once the glue has dried sufficiently (the instructions usually say wait for 1 minute), then you carefully press down the vinyl design all around its entire perimeter until it is fully adhered to your nail bed. Then, the excess vinyl is snipped off with small scissors and you are left with a finished design which you can leave natural or paint over top of.

What is the best type of sticker to use?

In general, there isn't a big difference between different brands of stickers. There are a couple of things to look out for, though: Make sure that any patterns you're interested in have been professionally manufactured and not just printed onto the vinyl by some cheap print shop with a regular laser printer. The quality will be poor and it will rub off after a day or two of wear. Also, make sure the design comes from one solid sheet of vinyl—avoid designs cut out from multiple pieces stuck together as they won't lie flat on your nails properly.

Are there different kinds of nail stickers available?

Yes, many. They are generally classified by their applications:

  • Nail stickers that are meant to be applied over natural nails
  • Nail stickers intended for use over gel or acrylic nails.The adhesive on these will not dissolve when you soak your hands in acetone, so they can safely be worn for weeks before you have to remove them.
  • 3D nail stickers, which sit atop the same way regular ones do, but protrude out further and give a more extreme look (like a layered or 'jelly' finish). These ones should only ever be used over top of gels though, as they wouldn't adhere properly to natural nails alone. There is always some risk that they might pop off under pressure, so don't hold your pencils with them.
  • French Nail Stickers. Designed to be placed at the centre of the free edge and painted over with any color you like. They typically come in a variety of sizes and can be perfectly fitted to any nail length and type.
  • Fake nails. These ones go underneath real nails, usually cut off short and filed into a curve so that they can fit under without peeking out on the sides. They are meant more for length than actual design though, since they are generally very thick-if you want length, this is the way to go instead of using fake tip guides (see pictures below). Don't try cutting them down to make them shorter because if they're too short, they'll get caught on things very easily. Nail sticker adhesive remover won't even get them off.
  • Fake tip guides. These are used to give you the length of acrylic nails without having to go through all of the drilling and filing involved in getting them done for real. Generally, it comes in a kit with glue and everything you need. These are always too long though-3-5mm too long at least, so that's before you trim them down into shape, which can be difficult to do by yourself. They also reveal the tip edge of your natural nail underneath where it meets up with your fake ones, so if you have short natural nails or very thin fake ones, this is not for you!
  • Stickers with shapes cut out. These are just used as decoration. Usually, all you do is stick them on top of pink or white nail polish and paint over the top with another color to make the pattern stand out.

You can find most of these designs online at various websites selling beauty supplies. Some are better than others. Some brands are more expensive but have much higher quality stickers which will last longer without peeling off for one reason or another.

What material are nail stickers made of?

They are made of vinyl, the same stuff that is used for making car window stickers, wall decals, and custom t-shirts.

Nail stickers are just as easy to remove as wall decals are, though you have to be careful not to rip them because they will tear easily if you pull at them too hard with your nails. They may also leave some adhesive residue behind on your nail, which would require another application of sticker to remove... so it's best not to overdo it!

If you do have some leftover goo left on your nails, quickly wipe it away with a cotton ball soaked in nail polish remover. Don't wait for it to dry or you'll have trouble getting rid of it later!

How do you apply tape-on nail stickers?

Take off the transparent plastic cover on each side to expose the sticky adhesive. Then, apply one sticker at a time by peeling off the other clear plastic layer and sticking it onto your nail. Press down firmly on all the edges until you can't feel them anymore, then move onto the next finger.

Don't try using both hands to stick 'em down at once because that will just result in having stickers stuck together. They are not reusable, so this isn't very practical anyway!

If they are too long for your nails, you can easily trim them with scissors to fit before applying them to your nails. Be sure not to cut anything away from the design though, or you'll ruin it!

Do I have to use a special adhesive for applying my stickers?

No, regular nail glue works fine. Just brush it on top of your nails after you've painted them with the color of your choice. Let the glue dry completely before sticking on your stickers for best results, because if they are stuck onto wet glue, they may not stick properly or might even slide off too soon!

How long do these things last?

It usually takes about a week to 10 days, depending on how well you take care of them. If you're pretty active and wash dishes by hand frequently, then these will be much shorter-lived-that's why fake nails are better suited for women who lead more demanding lifestyles. Fake ones can last much longer, though, since they don't require any upkeep!

If you are having trouble getting them to stick properly, chances are it's because your nails are oily, so you'll need to get rid of the oil before re-applying. Just wipe 'em with nail polish remover or alcohol on a cotton ball, let them dry for 1 minute and try again.

How do I get them off?

Just peel them off slowly...if they don't come off easily then try using some nail polish remover to loosen up the adhesive first. You can also use a hair dryer or put your hands in warm water. This will help too!

Nail stickers will only work if you have trimmed them down to fit your nails. If they're too long, then the edge of the fake one won't be flush with that of your real nail and it won't look good!

Of course, if you don't like the fake nails at all after trying them out, you can always just pry them off. The glue takes a while to dry, so this shouldn't damage your natural nails at all-just peel them off slowly and use some cotton balls dipped in nail polish remover to get rid of any leftover adhesive.

Nail stickers are definitely not for everyone...but they're easy to find online and give your nails an instant sophisticated look that will last up to 2 weeks with proper care. They also keep your manicure protected from breaking or check 'em out if you want a little break from day-to-day painting and filing!

What shape should the nails be when I use nail stickers?

Your nails should be shaped as normal, but a little bit shorter than you would normally keep them. This is because the excess length of your natural nail will prevent the sticker from reaching all the way to the edge of your cuticle...which can make it look a little weird if there's some space between the fake nail and your real one.

To get around this problem, just file your nails down until they are about 1/2mm (1/5in) shorter than usual—then apply stickers!

How often can I reuse my nail stickers?

Once you stick 'em on, they're not reusable. So if you need to change the size of your stickers for any reason (e.g. to get shorter ones if they are too long), just peel them off and use new ones!

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